2015 : A Year in Memory : Thanks to Mozilla and Mozillians


2015 was an Awesome Year for me as I volunteered more time for my contribution in Mozilla. 2015 ended, but I got to know many things, which will make my involvement in this year much better. I want to improve myself more in this year, but before that I wanna recall my moments which happened this year and thank all of them who helped me throughout the year.

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Mozilla Awareness Program @ BSK

Firefox for Windows 10 Campaign was one of the coolest campaign that I worked on so far. It gave me the opportunity, to organize near about 20 events and promote Mozilla in various university throughout the country! But it was my plan to host event, in an open space with allowance for everyone. I mean, whoever is interested to know about Mozilla can join the event. So, I along with some community contributor organized Mozilla Awareness Program @ BSK where we invited people from different places and institutions to talk about Mozilla!

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Mozilla Awareness Event @ Eastern University

Eastern University is one of the newly established but prominent going university in the city. But we were unable to start our activity there. Few days ago, I received interest from Saudur Rahman and Saddam Hossain to host a event in the university. As, there had not been any events earlier and also, I was planning for doing events to support Firefox for Windows 10 Community Activation Campaign, I added in my plan to host a Mozilla Awareness Program @ Eastern University.

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Mozilla Awareness Program @ South East University

Talking to people about Mozilla and it’s mission is always attracts me. When Razoana Sultana approached me to host a Mozilla Awareness Program @ South East University, I could not deny, rather I was looking forward to the event and the output. There was a Firefox Club in the university from a long ago but it was the first activity that was happening in the university.

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Mozilla Awareness Program @ East West University

To ensure Internet as a global public resource and to make it open and accessible to all,  Mozilla is working very hard worldwide. Mozilla has started a lots of campaign to spread this words. To raise awareness about Mozilla and it’s mission, I have organized many events last year. The feedbacks of those events were pretty awesome.

Among them one of the event was “Mozilla Awareness Program @ East West University” which was organized at East West University with the help of some awesome passionate mozillians of East West University Firefox Club(Firefox@EWU).

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Mozilla Awareness Program @ IT Pal

Last month, One of my fellow Mozillian, Rezaul Huque Nayeem received request from a IT training organization to give a talk about Mozilla and our activities! More surprisingly, It was in Mymensingh, outside of Dhaka City! As we were planning for a event on Mymensingh in Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute, we thought why don’t we give a try as we were going to the same city!

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Mozilla Awareness Program @ Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute

Talking about Mozilla, is somehow a dream for all the mozillians, specially for me, when I get the opportunity to talk about Mozilla in a new place and in front of new people. Because, you can see their eyes which were keenly looking for more info, something not defined to only “Mozilla Firefox Browser”, Something more than that!

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