2014 : A Year in Memory : Thanks to Mozilla and Mozillians

April is some how very important to me 🙂 I still can remember April 12, when I first contributed in Mozilla and Joined Mozilla as Volunteer. And I am still proud that I am a volunteer of Mozilla 🙂 At April 12 , There was an “SuMo KB l10n onsite sprint on 12 April 2014 from 10 AM to 5 PM at BRAC University” and It was a sprint for the people who are already contributing in Mozilla. As I was not involved with Mozilla but I was searching for opportunity so that I could join that event 🙂 At first , I knocked that event’s organizer Ashickur Rahman Noor. As Brac University Firefox Club was providing the venue, He than added me in a group Chat with S. M. Mohi-Us Sunnat, the Club lead of Brac University Firefox Club. In spite of not being a Mozilla contributor and a student of Brac University, He allowed me to join the event and taken permission for me along with other Mozillian. I never knew, anyone can contribute and this could be so much of fun 😀 That day, I first contributed to Mozilla via Localizing a SuMo KB 😀 and that was the day, I connected myself with Mozilla 😀

This event inspired me that much, that I decided to spread the mission in my campus too 😀 I applied to establish a club that day and 3 days later, I got a reply mail from Mozilla “You are now eligible to be a Club Lead” A great Responsibility, I got in my hand that moment, was feeling out of the world 😀

Acceptance to the way of becoming Club Lead

It was still that month – April, 2014. I was contributing via localizing Support KB’s and giving Firefox help related tweets to the users via “Army of Awesome (AoA)”. One day, I found out, there is something called vouch as recognition, that thing made me curious. I requested Ashickur Rahman Noor to vouch me. He told me, he will vouch if I can be in list of Top Contributors :p After 3 days trying and 293 Tweets, I got myself into the top list 😀 Then pinged him about the vouch, This time he told me to be in Top 3 to get vouched. Again, I jumped to be in Top 3 😀 It took me more than a weak to be in Top 3, but the work was amazing. Beacause when my answer gave someone his problem’s solution, then he would reply a thank you, which can’t be bought with Money 😀 I am thankful to AoA to see some awesome replies from the users 😀 And Guess what Noor Bhai, was still not satisfied to see me in Top 3 :-p This time I need to be the Topper, and guess what, I was in the top for more than a month 😀 That was one of the happiest month for me 😀

A post about me on Social Media from Sumo Bn_bd leader

Then soon, There was SuMo 100 Kb L10n Challenge and I participated and localized more than 10 KB’s. I can still feel that thrill 😀 We, SuMo Bangladesh contributor’s, worked hard to see the timeline. 😀

Sumo Top 100 KB L10n

That was just a beginning of an awesome part. But, if you want to know the most awesome part. then here it comes 😀 “Firefox 29 Launch Party” where I get to meet with all the core contributors of Mozilla Bangladesh Community. Specially, people like Shafiul Azam Chowdhury, Mahay Alam KhanAniruddha Adhikary, Mashkawat Ahsan and many awesome contributors. That day, I may have met with more than 50 awesome contributors of Mozilla 😀

Me with Whole Mozilla Community

Hey! DId you forgot that, I established a club, I hope you haven’t :p I hadn’t too 😀 After the Firefox Launch event, I invited my classmates to know about FSA Program and if they are interested or not. And Wanna look how that went 😀

First promotion of Stamford University Firefox Club

And they were so interested, that after two hours long conversation about Mozilla, they didn’t leave me downwards :p

After the first promotion of Stamford University Firefox Club

This things inspired me much, So, with their help, I had decided to organize a awareness booth at my campus to raise awareness and promote Mozilla. That was my first organized booth/event for Mozilla. It was Two day long event and as I was new, I got help from S. M. Mohi-Us SunnatSalman Rahman Desh, Khalid Saifullah from Mozilla Bangladesh. They were continuously talking to people who were coming towards our booth. Thanks won’t be enough for their work, So I won’t say thanks to Sunnat bhai and Desh Bhai 😀

Mozilla Awareness Booth @ Stamford University

It was soon over but the interest of people was high. So to promote Mozilla more and invite all the interested people, I have Organized a Mozilla Awareness Program at my University. It wouldn’t be possible unless I got the support from Mozilla specially Sekander BadshaZobayer Ahmed KhanRatul Minhaz. Without your support, that event wouldn’t be possible 😀

Mozilla Awareness Program @ Stamford University

Then I got the opportunity to participate in Mozcamp Alpha. It was one of the energized event of the year. It was a meaningful one as I started my contribution on QA from this event. I have learned many things from this event, It could be said a benchmark event for me 😀 One of the hacking sessions picture, where our activities can be seen :-p

Then, volunteered in Mozilla Bangladesh booth at Basis Digital World, it was a fun experience indeed. People from every background came to the booth and they have different different kind of expectations.

MozBasis @ 2014

I got the opportunity to volunteer in “Firefox OS Trainig of the Trainer”. Jan Jongboom with the core Firefox OS App developers was a great thing and I was lucky to be a part of that 😀

Firefox OS App Training of the Trainers

Then, I got to meet Gen Kanai in Team Mobilizer Bangladesh’s first meeting regarding Firefox OS launch in Bangladesh. Gen Kanai was really an awesome man inspiring us whole evening. That was really awesome and I won’t forget that buffet dinner 😀

First Meet with Gen Kanai!

I met with Ben Moskowitz for a App maker Party. That was cool to sit with some Geeky persons and share thoughts 😀 He shared his planning and shared about Mobile appmaker. Appmaker in Mobile, that was an exciting news for us and we all believe it would be possible soon 😀 !!!

App Maker’s Meet with Ben Moskowitz

Now comes most energetic event Firefox OS #bnbdl10nsprint. 36 hours long sprint helped me to learn team co-ordination. We all contributed for a clearing the blocker of Firefox OS. A Hacktivity full of fun indeed!!!

Firefox OS bn_bd L10n Hackathon

I was keen to see my name in Mozilla’s credit list and Finally it’s true 😀

Me in the about:credit list!

I grouped up to create Firefox OS Apps and Participated in FSA App of the Month Contest. Our App won the contest 😀 A huge Thanks to Nasir Uddin, Shahed Parvez and Warisul Islam.

FSA App Of The Month!

Last fun party of the year !!!!

Firefox’s 10 Year’s Birthday Celebration!

And last but not the list, My name was being mentioned in Mozilla’s Blog.

My name appeared in QMO Blog!

 SO, That was my year 😀

This year was so much eventful. I haven’t got this much skill in a year. Except those whom I have mentioned, I want to thank some people who really helped me that much. I want to thank Ashickur Rahman Noor , Shafiul Azam Chowdhury & Mahay Alam Khan as I got you in various works as mentors. I may have done many wrong activities but you were always supportive and have given me inspiration 😀 Looking forward to work with you till my life 😀 Special Thanks to  Mahay Alam Khan for introducing me with IRC. That time, I didn’t knew the power of IRC, but now, I know it’s thousand times more effective than the so called social media. Thank you, Mak Bhai 😀 I want to thank Rabbi Hossain as I always disturb you whenever I need you. You are like my Wikipedia 🙂 I hope, you won’t mind if I disturb you again :p Thanks to you, My dear Shahed Parvez 🙂 I have given you a lot of pain, Thanks for being with me 😀

Thanks Jennie Rose Halperin for giving me opportunity with Mozilla Newsletter and helping me learn the way around 😀 It was really cool to work with you !! I mean you don’t work as mentor, sometime work as friend too !!! Thank you for being there 😀

I have contributed in QA in most of the times. When I started my journey way around, It was like a hard boring thing for me, but It was my luck that I got Alexandra Lucinet as my mentor. From day 1, she given her hand for my help 😀 From searching bugs for me to test/verify to selecting the browser file and then if needed, providing me the link to download the browser link, she did everything to help me out :). Every time she taught me something new and every time I forgot that thing. This thing happened like everyday :-p Most of the time, she helped me to write my bug’s comments too 😀 Whatever I am right now, I am only because of your guidance 😀 You helped me to learn something awesome and I can’t say how much I am debited to you. Thank you 😀

Thanks to Liz Henry , Andrei Vaida , Stuart Colville 🙂 You helped me much in my way, Whenever I need you, you helped me from your level best. Thank You 😀

In the way of my contribution, Some people came forward to guide me. I want to thank those people like Henrik Skupin , Madalina , Aleksej Serdjukov 😀 Thank you 😀

I Have many more memories to share but I don’t have the power to thank you all. I don’t have the memory to remember all of my memories but I tried to collect as much as possible. I want to thank all the mozillians for giving your time and create a better web. Thank You 😀

Thank You for reading this loooong Post. If you want to say anything about the blog , or want to advise me something, Please comment. It will inspire me 😀

Thank You all. Wish you a Happy New Year

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