2015 : A Year in Memory : Thanks to Mozilla and Mozillians

My Year in 2015 started with an awesome news. I was accepted into the Mozilla Reps program. Faisal Aziz, an awesome Reps Mentor from India informed me about my acceptance in the Reps program 😀

Acceptance to the Reps Program

After few moments, everyone started congratulating me. I was highly welcomed by everyone in our community’s facebook group.

Just one day later, I came to know, my app that I created last year was one of the top picks of FSA App of the Month contest.

On January 31, I participated in MozCoffee Dhaka which was my first event after being a Mozilla Reps. Every one welcomed me in the event and I was called by Mahay Alam Khan bhai and Bellayet Hossain to talk about my future plan regarding QA. I did not had any plan regarding QA that moment but when I stand in front of people and saw that, people were searching for contribution opportunities, I got a exclusive strength which told to myself, you have to plan something with QA. More stories on it, later 😉

On February 7, I was part of Firefox OS Hackfest Dhaka, an initiative of Aniruddha Adhikary to fix some bugs of Firefox OS. One of the moment of the event is below.

Firefox OS Hack Fest, Dhaka

Then, there was a invitation to declare independence in everyone’s nearest place. I along with Ashkary Rahman went to national parliament to declare our independence. 

Choose Independence!

After few days, I got the opportunity to volunteer in Basis Digital Expo, where we had a booth to talk to people about Mozilla and all the activity we do.

MozBooth @ Basis

I won the FSA App of the month contest in November, 14 and won this awesome goodies 😀

Firefox Student Ambassador App of the Month Prize

As the need was raised to do some QA activities, I along with Mozilla Bangladesh community started planning on something, which made a reality of QA Marathon Dhaka, the first ever QA event happened in Bangladesh to show contribution opportunities around QA.

QA Marathon, Dhaka

Group picture of First Day.

Group picture of Last Day. The event ended, but a dream started. Read the blogspot to know more about that event.

I was chosen Contributor Spotlight in Mozilla’s Official QA Blog.

After this event, there was about 10 people who were contributing actively. It was really amazing as we were doing things as a community.Then, I thought, why we don’t invite few more people and see, if they are also interested. Then, I along with the QA Contributors planned QA Contributor Mentoring Day.

After the last QA event, We found another 8 people who were highly curious about QA. So, I thought, why don’t I bring everyone all together and plan something for our next steps? That Idea was a reality with Mozilla QA Bangladesh: Train the Trainer event where we invited all the contributors who was doing QA from Bangladesh.

After few days, On 30th May, I had the opportunity to be a part of Mozilla Bangladesh SuMo Community Meetup ^_^

On June 5-6, I was invited to be a part of Mozilla Bangladesh Community Meetup. I had the chance to meet many new people there and also met Brian King and Rosana Ardila for the first time in the meetup. I was responsible for transportation for all the mozillians.

I was also responsible for transport during the Mozilla Bangladesh Meetup. Sometimes, I recall the memories from finalizing the primary transport & journey in the transport.

There was a marketing campaign around in June, named FoxYeah Campaign, where we have to talk to people, why they loved Firefox, if they do. To Support the FoxYeah Campaign, I organized MozCoffee @ Stamford University.

The Success was huge. It inspired me a lot. So, I organized MozCoffee @ Daffodil University to support the FoxYeah Campaign. Asif Mahmud Shubho helped me to organize the event.

After Meetup, we get to know many things. One of the thing attracted me is Webmaker App Launch in Bangladesh. To contribute in the app, I with all the QA Community members, hosted Webmaker App Testathon where we tested the webmaker app and logged issues. We also created some super cool projects.

In Orlando work week, FSA Team sat to decide a recognition strategy for FSA’s. FSA Senior was the highest peak of the structure. and I was the first FSA Senior of the first batch from my country 😀

On July 15, I was a part of MozIftar Dhaka. Glad to meet many mozillians.

There was a huge crowd already for QA. and people were trying to know more opportunities about QA. So, I thought of hosting Bug Triage workshop online with people of my community and also it was open for everyone.

To support the existing FoxYeah Campaign, I hosted another MozCoffee in DIIT with the help of Meraj Kazi.

In July, there was full on Maker Party. To support the global activity and to be a part, with the help of some Mozillians, I started planning for Some maker party. The first one was –Maker Party Paltan, which was co hosted by Nazir Ahmed Sabbir. We talked about Webmaker activities and specially Webmaker App.

After few days, another awesome mozillian Towkir Ahmed co hosted a Maker party in Malibagh. There we talked about Web literacy and specially about Webmaker App.

After seeing this initiative, Meraj Kazi insisted to host a Maker Party in DIIT. The event was full of Webmaker activities and we generated lots of idea regarding webmaker app.

Few days later, there was an approach from marketing team to talk about the changes in recent Firefox, specially Firefox for Windows 10. To support their initiative, I hosted a Mozilla Awareness Program @ SSR. This was my first event outside Dhaka.

Next day, I had the opportunity to host another event in SSR, where our main audience was woman. Firefox Awareness event with Woman was my first event where main audience was woman.

Bug Triage was one of the main priority in QA. To train our existing contributors, I came up with an idea of Bug Triage Workshop where we trained our contributors about Bug Triage.

To promote QA and recruit more people in QA, I along with the QA community was planning for a contributor engaging tour, where we will train more people about QA. With the help of East West University Firefox Club, We organized a QA Contributor Mentoring Day in East West University.

We loved what we saw in East West University, people’s interest in contributing to Mozilla’a project, specially in QA. So, our journey followed in North South University with the help of North South University Firefox Club.

The journey followed to Daffodil International University. Daffodil University Firefox Club helped us to organize the QA Contributor Mentoring Day event and it was a packed event with so many people.

We were really on a spree. We were on a run doing QA activities. Our next stop was Brac University where we organized a similar QA event with the help of Brac University Firefox Club.

Just a few days, In Reps Blog, I was announced Reps of the Month 😀 A proud moment, really a proud moment ^_^ 

To plan future activities, our RAL Ratul Minhaz, planned for a offline meetup, where i joined to learn and give my feedbacks.

As part of Global participation cohort, I was invited to Leadership Summit in Singapore and it was one of the best opportunity that i received and I felt really awesome.

In my earlier days, I had enjoyed all the activities that I did for Marketing Team. As I had the opportunity to share more about what you love and reach more people, I accepted the opportunity. With the help of City University, I organized a Mozilla Awareness event in City University.

Talking to hundreds of people is always an pleasure. I got the opportunity to talk to 100+ people when I organized Mozilla Awareness Program @ Pabna University of Science and Technology.

Days later, had the opportunity to host a talk of Pabna and talk more about Mozilla in Mozilla Awareness Program @ Pabna.

With the help of Asif Mahmud Shubho, I had the opportunity to host a Mozilla Awareness Booth @ Daffodil International University.

Going out of the city and talking about Mozilla is really an amazing experience which I have realized when I have organized Mozilla Awareness Program @ KUET.

I was invited by City University to organize a Mozilla Awareness Program @ City Uni, City Campus. Talked about Mozilla and involvement opportunities and all about changes in Firefox.

With the help of North South University Firefox Club, organized 2 day long Mozilla Awareness Booth @ North South University.

In 2015, I really had the pleasure to visit one of the university in my home town. It was really an memorable day.

With the help of Nazir Ahmed Sabbir, we organized Mozilla Awareness Program @ Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute.

Rezaul Huque Nayeem had created an opportunity to talk to new people in Mozilla Awareness Program @ It Pal.

I organized a Mozilla Awareness Program @ BSK which was “open for all”.

I organized a event in my own university to talk to new people who were missing the bridge between Mozilla and the community.

Asif Mahmud Shubho helped me to organize a Mozilla Awareness event in his university to talk about Mozilla.

I reached to our awesome mozillian, Razona Rini to help me to organize a Mozilla Awareness event @ South East University.

I had a desire to start our activity in Eastern University which was helped by Saddam Hossain. He helped me to organize Mozilla Awareness Program @ Eastern University.

Again our EWU FX Club rocks. They helped me to organize a Mozilla Awareness Program @ East West University for the new people of their university.

You maybe wondering, If I am doing Awareness events, then what is happening with the QA Community? Aha, that was going on in full spring 😉 We were so much responsive, that we turned into a family of 60+ contributor <3 To train the existing contributors, I along with the QA community organized Firefox QA Test Day Dhaka.

It was not enough. we couldn’t accommodate everyone because of the venue capacity and also many of them have exam. So, we designed another contributor only event where we planned to train them about Bug activities and invited them to Firefox QA Bug Day, Dhaka.

Above mentioned all the activities are some events where I am highly involved as an organizer. I participated in SuMo KB Day organized by SuMo Community.

To support our awesome FSA lead, I joined his event and talked about contribution opportunities.

I took over Sunnat bhai’s event as he was sick and talked about deeper contribution opportunities around Firefox OS.

Ashickur Rahman gave me another opportunity to travel to Feni Computer Institute and gave a talk on QA.

Ashickur Rahman gave me the opportunity to travel to sylhet and gave a talk on QA.

At last, joined the last FSA Meetup 😀

2015, was one of the busiest year in my life. It changed my life really a lot. It helped me to learn a great thing, Leadership. I never knew, I can be a leader, and after a year, I can see where I am now.

Everyone around me, think that I am in the sky and i just born there. But there were many people, without whom I never can be there. I want to thank each and every one for the contribution they did in my life. At first, want to thank Ashickur Rahman for everything you did, It was more than a community person, A close brother, on whom I can always depend.

Thanks to Mak bhai for all the criticism and guidance throughout my work. Thanks for stopping me, so that I can go more strongly.

I would like to thank Faisal Aziz for all the help and support that he did to guide me in throughout the process. Thanks a lot, bhai. Hope, in the coming year, I will get more support from you.

I want to thank Ada Lucinet for helping me with all the planning and giving me courage and be a friend always. Thanks for all of your support. Thank you.

I want to thank Anthony Hughes for all the support in initial days. Thanks for putting input and feedback and everything that you did to support the community.

I want to thank Rezaul Huque Nayeem, Nazir Ahmed SabbirRatul Islam. I know, I am somewhere beyond a normal stage but I could never be there without the help and support of you. Thank you.

Unlimited Thanks to Towkir Ahmed and Sashoto Seeam for helping whenever I needed both of you. Thanks for all the artwork and banner design and every bit of help that you guys did.

Special thanks to a lot of buddies: Mohammad Maruf Islam, Khalid Syfullah, Meraj Kazi, Asif Mahmud Shubho, Muktasib Un Nur, Ehsanul Hassan – You all Rock- সবডি পাত্থর . Thanks Rahim Ul Islam Rifat, You saved my ass a lot of times.

There are still many names, I want to thank each and everyone who helped me throughout the process. All the QA contributor who are part of Mozilla Bangladesh QA Community. Sometimes, thanks is not enough but still I want to thank everyone and wish, maybe I will get your help and support in future, too.

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