Mozilla QA Bangladesh : Bug Week, Dhaka

Over last few quarter, We had been achieving a good output during the Bug Days. And also, in first 2 quarters of 2016, We on boarded a good number of contributors in the community. To maximize the output and to on board more contributors for Bug Day’s, I planned to organize Bug Week, Dhaka.

The goal of the event was making a boost in contribution for next quarter. In 2015, Our community did play with 150 bugs. But in 2016, in spite of being more in number in proportion of contributors, we were low in bug out in first 2 quarters. So, the goal was to engage the community by this event.

Nayeem bhai started about talking about QA and our activities and our community’s involvement.

Saddam Hossain showed bits and bytes about Test Cases and how we should treat a Test Case.

Then, I tried to talk about Bug’s life cycle and all about Bug.

Then, it all was about contributing. Everyone joined to do testing/verification to make this week more sparking. And mentors helped when needed.

And sometimes, it was more about mentors bonding!

After a hectic day of contribution, we ended the event and planned to continue doing in online.

More pictures are available in Flickr!

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