Mozilla QA Bangladesh: Train the Trainers V1.0

in 2015, We had gone through many recurring events where we on boarded many contributors in our community. The number was really great that even we were lacking of mentors to guide them in the way.

Back in March, 2016, We invited contributors to apply for QA Community Mentors. We received a good number of interest to become Mentors. Scaling between contribution and experience, We on boarded 8 contributors as QA Community Mentor. Though, we were now having good balance between mentors and contributors, it was needed to sync between the old and new mentors and prepare for a goal oriented mentorship for the contributors. To make that happen, I planned to organize Mozilla QA Bangladesh: Train the Trainers V1.0 . As, I had very good experience with the previous ToT, I had full hope on doing some miracle by this event.

At first, I tried to share my knowledge on our role as contributors and how we are contributing directly to help Mozilla. I was sharing the organizational facts in Mozilla and our importance in it.

Then, I started to talk about very basic things of QA. As most of the contributor were long term contributors of QA, they were asking, why i am recalling all the historic stuff again :p But my motive was, make it more clear, and we should sync up in the same point, all together.

After that, I tried to gather questions and make every process more clear to the contributors. They were asking question that they receive while mentoring or they had earlier, when they were contributors. We were trying to evaluate all the scenarios, we face being a contributor and also thinking from perspective of a mentor.

For making all the mentor’s more strong, it was needful to make a bond inside of everyone. Then, I tried to create something different, where we tried to know each other.

It was all about thinking for the future, a more united form as a community. Hence, we ended the event with a group picture!

More pictures are available on Flickr!

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