Mozilla QA Bangladesh: Woman in QA

Back in April 2016, I was having some thought about our woman contributors in my mind. While the number of our contributors were growing, our woman contributors were also growing in a good proportion. I realized, we had around 16 woman contributors but we had not initiated anything specific about them. Whether, it was about mentoring or training for skills or mobilizing them for recruiting more contributors, something specific to them was a need of time.

I approached to my existing community and shared the idea of doing something specific for woman, where the goal would be empowering them so they can help themselves. I along with our few mentors planned for the event back in April and got support from Reps Council. But for some obstacles, we were running behind scheduled time.

Later on November, I encouraged all the woman contributors to take the lead and help me to organize this initiative. Most of them were just contributors and were afraid on organizing things. But I encouraged them to talk in a group and decide which they did in an awesome way. Before the actual event, they did several online meeting to decide about various agenda, logistics and many other things.

Though, there were many woman contributors but few of them took the leading role for setting this event. Azmina Akter Papeya, Kazi Nuzhat Tasnem, Mahfuza Humayra Mohona, Rezwana Islam Ria, Tazin Ahmed were so aspiring that inspite of having their academic advising, they dealt with all the things like logistics, invitation for events, participants.

The event started with welcoming the participants by the organizers.


Later, I tried to talk about Mozilla and our mission and our role on the internet. Well, I was trying to make them realize Mozilla is not just Firefox 😉

Nayeem bhai came forward to talk about QA and how we help Mozilla by doing QA. He also added many bits and bytes about QA and shared insights about involvement in QA from our community.

Later, They were forming groups and tried to learn together by being in peer. This session was really great as most of them were having direct contact with each other.

There were some hack session going on, where contributors are mentoring new ones and showing them the way of contributions.

There were 4 peer groups who were learning ways of contribution from each other. Later, I tried to talk about our ways of engagement with contributors and how QA help things move forward in Mozilla.

Later, we ended the event with a group pictures!

When i talked to our woman contributors to take the ownership for this event, I was not that much confident that they can do the work. But I was really amazed, inspite of being their first one as organizer, they did a good job and a serious job indeed! And I was just sleeping while they were doing the actual work :p

Even they concluded the event, they tried to make a bonding with the participants, in a hope to make their participation for a longer time!

This is just a beginning that I started in 2016. Hoping to get a more blasting 2017 from our woman contributors. Hoping to see more from their leadership 🙂

Event pictures can be found in Flickr!

Some Blogs written by the organizers, which you should check out:


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