Mozilla Awareness Program @ East West University

To ensure Internet as a global public resource and to make it open and accessible to all,  Mozilla is working very hard worldwide. Mozilla has started a lots of campaign to spread this words. To raise awareness about Mozilla and it’s mission, I have organized many events last year. The feedbacks of those events were pretty awesome.

Among them one of the event was “Mozilla Awareness Program @ East West University” which was organized at East West University with the help of some awesome passionate mozillians of East West University Firefox Club(Firefox@EWU).

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Mozilla Awareness Program @ IT Pal

Last month, One of my fellow Mozillian, Rezaul Huque Nayeem received request from a IT training organization to give a talk about Mozilla and our activities! More surprisingly, It was in Mymensingh, outside of Dhaka City! As we were planning for a event on Mymensingh in Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute, we thought why don’t we give a try as we were going to the same city!

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Mozilla Awareness Program @ Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute

Talking about Mozilla, is somehow a dream for all the mozillians, specially for me, when I get the opportunity to talk about Mozilla in a new place and in front of new people. Because, you can see their eyes which were keenly looking for more info, something not defined to only “Mozilla Firefox Browser”, Something more than that!

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Mozilla Awareness Program @ Stamford University


Around the year, I was doing activity for promoting Mozilla and Open Web. I was doing things in many university, but I was far away from activity in my own university. So, in that thought, I planned to organize Mozilla Awareness Program @ Stamford University. As i was away from my university, Rasel, Club lead of Stamford University Firefox Club helped me to organize the event.

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Mozilla Awareness Program @ Comilla University

I had been doing many events to promote Mozilla and contribution opportunity in many places. But it was one of my dream to have a talk in my own hometown and finally, it was true one day 😀

Niloy Ranjan Dev, One of the mozillian invited us to have presence about Mozilla in his university, and talk about Mozilla and it’s mission to the students and organize Mozilla Awareness Program @ Comilla University! After preparing for the event, I along with Rezaul Huque NayeemRakibul Islam Ratul and Khalid Syfullah Zaman reached the university after 3 hours long journey!

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Mozilla Awareness Program @ SSR Institute


In Bangladesh, if you ask someone, “Do you know Mozilla?” You will get reply like “Mozilla Firefox, the Browser, Yes, I use it!” Well, it’s kinda true everywhere. People know Mozilla for the browser, not for the mission. And this thing is critical for every volunteer, who contribute/volunteer for Mozilla.

Ashulia, which is a place more about 40 Kilometer far from Dhaka City. Earlier in the year, we got a request to host a Mozilla event in an institute in Ashulia. But because of the location, we are not able to go for the event. Around October, Mozilla’s Community Marketing Team announced a campaign for windows 10 users to Use Firefox and stick to it with the help of Community. Then I thought, why don’t I do a Awareness event in that institute and also talk about the campaign. So, I started talking with the institution for hosting “Mozilla Awareness event @ SSR Institute”

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Mozilla Awareness Booth @ Daffodil International University

Daffodil International University has been one of the prominent university of the country and one of the active firefox clubs in Bangladesh. Few days ago, they came to know that, there will be a foundation day to celebrate their annual celebration, so they approached to me for a hope of organizing Mozilla Awareness Booth @ Daffodil International University and seeing their interest, I was more than happy to help them to organize their Booth.


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Mozilla Awareness Program @ Khulna University of Engineering and Technology

Khulna is one of the popular city of our country, specially it is known for ports. But we did not have any activity in that region, maybe for lack of opportunities. In back October, I got few people who approached me to organize Mozilla Awareness Program @ KUET and It was my privilege to help them to organize the event.

At the very begining of the event, I talked to the audience to have a intro session, so that we can get to know each other. After that, I started to talk about Mozilla and Mozilla Bangladesh community and my involvement with the community. I also talked about Mozilla’s role over the web all this years and how we moved forward from Firefox Web Browser to Firefox OS.IMG_6186

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