2016 : A Year in Memory : Thanks to Mozilla and Mozillians

2016 was all about myself being an leader. Throughout the year, I have gone through many volunteer leadership activities. Like my year of 2014 and my year of 2015, 2016 was also a blast. I contributed to my regular functional activities as well I have explored some other contribution opportunities. 2017 is going to be a big year for me, but all the behind scene happened in 2016 and I wish to recall all the memories!

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Mozilla QA Bangladesh: Woman in QA

Back in April 2016, I was having some thought about our woman contributors in my mind. While the number of our contributors were growing, our woman contributors were also growing in a good proportion. I realized, we had around 16 woman contributors but we had not initiated anything specific about them. Whether, it was about mentoring or training for skills or mobilizing them for recruiting more contributors, something specific to them was a need of time.

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2015 : A Year in Memory : Thanks to Mozilla and Mozillians


2015 was an Awesome Year for me as I volunteered more time for my contribution in Mozilla. 2015 ended, but I got to know many things, which will make my involvement in this year much better. I want to improve myself more in this year, but before that I wanna recall my moments which happened this year and thank all of them who helped me throughout the year.

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Firefox 42.0 Beta 7 Testday | Start your First QA Contribution from Today!


For making the web open and for getting most of the benefit of the web, Mozilla has been working on several projects and products that help users over the Web. Mozilla is built by volunteers around the world who are working to make the web more better and move Mozilla’s mission forward!

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Mozilla QA: Train the Contributors, Bangladesh


Involvement in QA from Bangladesh was happening from long Before but people used to contribute silently! There were some awesome QA Contributors like Ashickur Rahman, Ratul Minhaz and more who started contributing in QA from the very beginning of 2013/ 2014 but everyone contributed in different areas of QA! Their contribution in QA attracted me to start searching for involvement opportunities in QA! After the MozCamp Alpha in Bangladesh and I started searching opportunities about how to get involved! From that day till now, I have never missed any opportunity to get myself plugged in any opportunities run by QA Team!

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QA Contributor Mentoring Day!


In Bangladesh, QA Activity as an community started from QA Marathon Dhaka! Well, as I initiated the activities with the support of my community, I have seen enormous responses during and after the event that they wanted to join the event and learn how to contribute in QA! I tried to provide mentoring over online but it seems an offline event is more than awesome! As in an offline, you get to know the contributors more and give them inspiration for what we are doing QA! Besides you get to know, how things works, when someone new contribute to the Mozilla projects which helps you, specially me, to learn how to do things better!

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QA Marathon Dhaka: A Journey Begins!

I still can remember that day, when I first started my journey in QA! When wiki articles wasn’t seeming enough for me to start my contribution with QA contribution area, I asked for help in IRC’s #qa channel. At first 3 minutes, there was no reply from anyone but after the first silence period, I got enormous hands to support me. Well, that was really the beginning for me! Though it took me a while to make the contributing much easier for me but I had a great support from enormous people of Mozilla QA Team like Ada LucinetAndrei VaidaLiz HenryStefania Ioana Chiorean!

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